Pediatric Dental Office in Knolls

Pediatric Dental Office in Knolls

The Importance of Maintaining Healthy Baby Teeth in Knolls

When you consider how long you keep adult teeth, the truth is that baby teeth are around for a very short time. And yet, it’s important to maintain them and keep them healthy, both for now and for the future. Fortunately, at Kids N More Dentist, we are specialists and so you can feel confident hat we’re doing everything possible to make your child’s time with her or his baby teeth a positive one.

When your baby gets her or his first tooth, it’s usually one of many wonderful milestones that you as a parent can appreciate and document. But it’s also a time to make your first visit with your child to our pediatric dental office in Knolls. Cavity prevention is best handled in a proactive manner, so it’s a good strategy to begin twice-yearly examinations and teeth cleanings as soon as they are applicable. Our pediatric dental office in Knolls will also provide valuable guidance about what to do at home. This includes tips regarding nutrition and how to most effectively brush. Speaking of which, brushing with toothpaste should begin by age 2. And even though baby teeth aren’t around for all that long, they are integral for chewing and for speech development, not to mention all those photos you take as a proud parent. And by maintaining them well, you can improve the chances that they will fall out on their own, at the time they’re supposed to, making the transition to the eruption of adult teeth smooth and free of complications. If anything interferes with that schedule, there could be insufficient room for the new teeth to grow into.

Let our pediatric dental office in Knolls works with you to keep your child’s baby teeth strong and healthy. Contact us now to schedule your first appointment.

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