Dentist for kids in San Antonio

Dentist for Kids in San Antonio

Dental sealants in San Antonio

Dental sealants are a key aspect to cavity prevention. It’s good to know that something so simple can have such a positive effect. Here at Kids N More Dentist, our goal is to make cavities nonexistent, or at least a very rare occurrence. And we use all of the methods at our disposal to make that goal a reality.

You may be wondering why you would want to get dental sealants for your child when she or he already brushes and flosses. Combined with two visits per year to see our dentist for kids in San Antonio, that should be enough, right? Well, it’s certainly an excellent strategy. But there are crevices and depressions in your child’s chewing teeth that are difficult if not impossible to reach with at-home oral hygiene. The teeth cleaning that your child gets at our office is thorough, but that’s only done on a six month schedule, leaving a lot of time between for dental decay to occur and form cavities. And when you consider that the application of dental sealants is easy and painless, the value of them becomes very clear. Here’s how it works: our dentist for kids in San Antonio performs a routine teeth cleaning. Sealants are liquid plastics, and are painted or varnished onto the surfaces of the teeth that will benefit from them the most. The plastics then harden. What you have is a barrier that keeps dental plaque and tartar from decaying those teeth and leading to cavities. Fewer cavities means less chance of toothaches, infections, and early tooth loss. It also means that your child will not need a filling. And any time the drill doesn’t appear is typically a positive for most kids.

Contact our office to schedule a visit for your child with our dentist for kids in San Antonio. He or she will appreciate the preventive results of dental sealants. And so will you.

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