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Children’s Dentist in Candlewood Park

Kids’ Dentist in Candlewood Park

While many general dentists care for children as well as adults, a pediatric dentist has special training and has developed techniques that make them uniquely qualified to treat the dental needs of young children and adolescents. Our Children’s dentist in Candlewood Park, at the Kids N More Dentist recommends that a pediatric dentist should evaluate a child’s teeth at a young age. Even though the child may only have a few teeth at this age it is a good time to check their mouth structure, teeth and gums, as well as examine the child’s head and neck. Our staff has been specially trained and is experienced in working with young children in a friendly and caring manner in an office geared to making the child feel comfortable and anxiety free.

Our Children’s dentist in Candlewood Park stresses preventative care of your child’s developing teeth. Our staff will help you set up an at home care regiment with your child that is age appropriate. In our office regular checkups monitor the development of your child’s teeth and help keep them clean. We also recommend fluoride treatments and sealants as a protective measure for young teeth. Sealants are plastic-like coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth,where children often have a hard time brushing to protect them from decay. Should you child need a more extensive dental procedure our practice is well equipped to handle it, and more importantly handle your child in a pain-free, stress-free manner. Our practice may suggest the use of a very mild sedation to ease the anxiety of an apprehensive patient or a young child that finds it hard to sit still while our dentist performs precise procedures.

Aside from preventive care our kids’ dentist in Candlewood Park performs all the general and restorative dentistry services that your child needs. Your child’s teeth are in their developmental stage and need the special attention of a dental practice that is geared to the specific needs of very young children, children and adolescents. Start your child’s teeth off right and bring them to our office for an initial checkup.

Kids’ Dentist in Candlewood Park