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Antonio TX dentist

If you are looking for an excellent dental practice, that treats all members of the family, then you will want to visit us at Kids N More Dentist. Our Antonio TX dentist, Dr. Rackham, can provide complete dental care for your child, or yourself, including tooth extractions.

Sometimes having a tooth extracted is necessary. This can be true if your child is having orthodontic treatment that calls for the removal of a few permanent teeth. Happily, interceptive orthodontic care at a young age can now prevent many of these tooth extractions. Tooth extractions can also be necessary if a tooth is seriously infected, and cannot be treated with a root canal procedure. Also, wisdom teeth that are infected or impacted should be extracted. At our dental practice, teeth can be extracted while our patient remains relaxed by our use of conscious sedation. At our office, we can sedate children as young as two; seniors can also receive conscious sedation. During conscious sedation the patient remains conscious, but extremely relaxed. This type of sedation comes in a liquid form and is based on weight. There are some things we like to inform our patients about regarding tooth extraction. If you have an infected tooth that needs to be extracted, there is a very small chance that the tooth does not get as numb as it otherwise would; however this is an extremely rare occurrence. Additionally, we can make it possible that you will not feel any pain, but you will feel some pressure. Our Antonio TX dentist wants to make these possible scenarios clear to our patients, so if they prefer to get complete sedation during their tooth extraction, they can make arrangements to see an oral surgeon who performs more expensive sedation.

For an appointment to meet with our Antonio TX dentist regarding tooth extractions, contact us today.

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