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Pediatric dentist in San Antonio

Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio

Fluoride treatments in San Antonio

Pediatric dentist in San Antonio

Pediatric dentist in San Antonio

Kids N More Dentist is a pediatric dentist in San Antonio who specializes in gentle and effective dental care for kids. We know kids can sometimes have a lot of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist for the first time. That’s why we take great care to help your child feel like they’re at home with us and to have them relaxed and happy for every procedure. We will never force your child into having any procedure that there are not comfortable with. We take our time and make sure to explain everything to you and your family so that you’re comfortable getting it things done when you’re at our offices.

Kids can tend to get tooth aches and tooth decay easier due to sugars and improper brushing and flossing. Fluoride treatments are great because they help to protect the teeth against bacteria and tooth decay, and act as an extra boost to protecting the teeth. Sealants are placed over the teeth in order to ward off and act as a shield or barrier against things that can cause tooth decay and sugars that can eat away at the teeth. Cavities must be filled if they form, and over time, if there are too many cavities they can cause to major tooth decay. It’s better to start early and to combat tooth decay rather than wait for problems to happen. Our pediatric dentist in San Antonio can both place sealants on teeth or perform fluoride treatments, or a combination of both.

Our pediatric dentist in San Antonio can also inform you on orthodontics and future problems such as wisdom teeth growing in. Wisdom teeth sometimes need to be pulled if they become impacted in the mouth. The impacted wisdom teeth can be very painful and cause a lot of pain and swelling and a great deal of suffering if they have not erupted from the gums yet. If that happens, we will extract them so that they don’t cause crowding to the other teeth.

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