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Dentist for Children Knolls

Dentist for Children Knolls

Pediatric Root Canal in Children Knolls

Pediatric dentistry has come a long way, and that’s a good thing. Here at Kids N More Dentist, we have a strong focus on gentle care, and patience in helping your child with treatments and procedures that he or she may be anxious about. And we even have safe sedation available if she or he is still afraid. When it comes to root canal, there are many misconceptions about it, and we can set both your child’s and your mind at ease regarding it.

The reason that root canal is performed by our dentist for children Knolls is that the tooth has become infected due to a bacterial infection. What happens is that a cavity, loose or missing filling, or a chipped or cracked tooth allows for that infection inside the tooth. Your child is probably going to experience a toothache that may be severe, as well as sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, and possibly gum tenderness and/or tooth discoloration. It is essential that you bring him or her in as soon as possible for two key reasons: first, there is no reason for her or him to suffer for any longer than absolutely necessary; and second, the chances for successful treatment are better when root canal is done as quickly as possible. Our dentist for children Knolls wants to assure you that this is a non-surgical procedure, and that everything is done to make the entire process comfortable. Under local anesthesia, the infected part of the tooth is removed and then filled with plastic to prevent future infection. Later, a crown is placed on the tooth to restore it to full size and function.

Root canal is vital to saving your child’s natural teeth, so reach out to our office right away to set up a prompt appointment with our dentist for children Knolls.

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