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Knolls Pediatric Dental Exam

Pediatric dental exams and checkups in Knolls

Knolls pediatric dental exam

Knolls pediatric dental exam

Here at Kids N More Dentist, your child will be comfortable and at ease when coming in for dental exams and cleanings. Our office environment is friendly, pleasant, even fun. The benefits of six month checkups are beyond question. This one simple session can prevent cavities, toothaches, tooth extractions, and gum disease. It is always preferable to be proactive when it comes to your child’s oral wellness.

The first time that she or he arrives for our Knolls pediatric dental exam, we will set aside some time for getting acquainted with our equipment and instruments, our staff, and our dentist. The more familiar everyone and everything is, the less chance there will be that your child might feel resistant. A physical checkup and visual inspection of his or her teeth will start the session. This is so any loose teeth or obvious issues can be detected. X-rays are taken so that the presence of cavities will be noted. It is far better to have one diagnosed during our Knolls pediatric dental exam than for it to go untreated. The larger a cavity becomes, the more risk there is for complications. Your child’s gums will also be examined. Pediatric gum disease is more common than many people realize. Again, prompt detection is key. The final part to the visit is a teeth cleaning. This is essential as preventive care. Tartar buildup cannot be effectively addressed with at-home oral hygiene. A teeth cleaning will remove tartar buildup and any residual plaque, thereby giving your child a better chance to avoid future cavities and gum disease. Speaking of gum disease, its early stage effects are typically reversed with a cleaning.

While you’re thinking of it, why not schedule our Knolls pediatric dental exam right now? Your child’s teeth and gums deserve to be maintained to the greatest extent possible.

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