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Pediatric dental office Knolls

Pediatric Dental Office Knolls

Kids dentist in Knolls

Pediatric dental office Knolls

Pediatric dental office Knolls

When your baby gets his/her first tooth it is an exciting time for the whole family. Your child works very hard to get each of those first 20 (baby) teeth so it is extremely important that you work just as hard to protect them from decay and other problems. Working together with our pediatric dental office Knolls at Kids N More Dentist is a great way to start your child’s new teeth off right. The most important dental appointment in a child’s life may well be their first experience with a dentist. Our kids dentist recognizes the importance of your child’s first interaction with a dental professional and has geared our pediatric practice to making this initial visit and all subsequent visits stress-free, anxiety-free and fun. We want your child to want to come back to see us and be enthusiastic about taking care of their teeth everyday at home.

Our pediatric dental office Knolls has some suggestions for parents on preparing their young child for their first visit to our office. Our doctor recommends talking to your child about going to the dentist way in advance of the visit so they are not taken by surprise, let them know what a dentist does and what we will be doing in our special visit. We encourage reading books about coming to the dentist with your child and don’t forget to tell them about your own positive experiences in our office.

During the first visit to our pediatric dental office Knolls our doctor and other staff members will concentrate on getting to know the child and starting a positive relationship with them. We’ll count your child’s teeth with them and check their gums and possibly do a little preventative measures, such as applying fluoride and taking a set of child appropriate x-rays. Each initial visit differs depending on the reactions of the child. Our doctor will evaluate your child’s mouth and discuss special topics like thumb sucking if necessary. Our staff will also talk to your child about cleaning their teeth and gums at home and teach them the proper way to do it for their age. Please set your child up for a lifetime of good oral health by making an appointment with our office.

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Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio TX

Children’s Dentist in Candlewood Park

Kids’ Dentist in Candlewood Park

While many general dentists care for children as well as adults, a pediatric dentist has special training and has developed techniques that make them uniquely qualified to treat the dental needs of young children and adolescents. Our Children’s dentist in Candlewood Park, at the Kids N More Dentist recommends that a pediatric dentist should evaluate a child’s teeth at a young age. Even though the child may only have a few teeth at this age it is a good time to check their mouth structure, teeth and gums, as well as examine the child’s head and neck. Our staff has been specially trained and is experienced in working with young children in a friendly and caring manner in an office geared to making the child feel comfortable and anxiety free.

Our Children’s dentist in Candlewood Park stresses preventative care of your child’s developing teeth. Our staff will help you set up an at home care regiment with your child that is age appropriate. In our office regular checkups monitor the development of your child’s teeth and help keep them clean. We also recommend fluoride treatments and sealants as a protective measure for young teeth. Sealants are plastic-like coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth,where children often have a hard time brushing to protect them from decay. Should you child need a more extensive dental procedure our practice is well equipped to handle it, and more importantly handle your child in a pain-free, stress-free manner. Our practice may suggest the use of a very mild sedation to ease the anxiety of an apprehensive patient or a young child that finds it hard to sit still while our dentist performs precise procedures.

Aside from preventive care our kids’ dentist in Candlewood Park performs all the general and restorative dentistry services that your child needs. Your child’s teeth are in their developmental stage and need the special attention of a dental practice that is geared to the specific needs of very young children, children and adolescents. Start your child’s teeth off right and bring them to our office for an initial checkup.

Kids’ Dentist in Candlewood Park

Dental Sealants San Antonio Texas

Pediatric Dentist in Kirby

Kirby Pediatric Dentist

If you are looking for a dental practice in Kirby where your child can receive great kids dental care, as well as dental care can be provided for your entire family, you will want to visit us at Kids N More Dentist. At our dental practice, our expert and highly trained dentist is Dr. Rackham. We hope you will bring your child to see our Kirby pediatric dentist where he or she will have a relaxing and fun time during their dental visit.

At our dental practice, we are happy to be able to provide exemplary kids dental care as well as dental care for the entire family. Our Kirby pediatric dentist will make sure that your child’s teeth stay healthy, and that your child’s baby teeth are able to stay in their mouth for as long as they are needed. At our practice we understand the importance of instilling the fundamentals and benefits of good oral hygiene to our children while they are still at a young age. Our entire staff is gentle and caring, and are fully committed to your child’s excellent dental health. We want our young patients to develop great attitudes towards dental care so they will never be afraid to visit a dentist whenever it is needed, or simply for regular dental checkups and cleanings.7019976_s

At our dental practice, we offer a wide range of dental services as we specialize in treating both children and adults. For our more anxious patients, and for our young patients, we offer sedation dentistry. We are able to provide sedation dentistry for children as young as two years of age, or as old as age 75. We do offer conscious sedation dentistry. Since conscious sedation can affect the memory, most people do not remember everything that happens while they are sedated. However, patients are not unconscious at all during the sedation, but instead are very relaxed. We do provide x-rays which are used to detect cavities, detect bone disease, or to plan orthodontic treatment. We recommend that your child has cleanings and checkups starting at the first birthday, and then continuing thereafter every six months. It may also be recommended that your child gets dental sealants or fluoride treatments to keep your children’s teeth as cavity-free as possible. Other treatments that we offer at our dental practice are root canal treatments, tooth extractions, and teeth whitening. For an appointment for your child to meet with our pediatric dentist, simply contact our office today.

Kirby Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentist in San Antonio

Kirby Children’s Dentist

Children’s Dentist in Kirby

Kids should begin seeing a pediatric dentist from the time that their first baby teeth begin to emerge from their gums. This way, their dental health and development be properly monitored and taken care of. Baby teeth may not be permanent, they are fragile and prone to decay and disease. With the help of our Kirby children’s dentist here at Kids N More Dentist, your children can get the comprehensive dental care that they need whether they require routine preventative care or dental sealants that can help prevent cavities and improve your child’s overall dental health.
Baby teeth are otherwise known as primary teeth, and they are generally smaller and more sensitive than the permanent teeth that will one day replace them. However, in order for permanent or secondary teeth to develop normally and healthily, they will need to do so in an already healthy oral environment. If baby teeth are not properly taken care of, then you can have a drastic effect on a child’s future dental health. This is why routine preventative care is essential for children. With the help of our Kirby children’s dentist here at Kids N More Dentist, kids can benefit from a number of different routine exams, procedures, and other dental services. Since children tend to be prone to cavities because of the nature of their teeth as well as the fact that they are still learning how to properly handle oral hygiene, dental sealants may be necessary. Dental sealants can help provide an additional layer between your child’s teeth and the plaque that can cause cavities and tooth decay. Dental sealants will dissolve over time, or they will fall out with the baby teeth that they were applied to. Dental sealants can also help older children as well.
Taking care of your child’s dental health is incredibly important, so if your child is in need of an exam or if you think that they can benefit from dental sealants, then please call us here at Kids N More Dentist and schedule a visit with our Kirby children’s dentist.

Children’s Dentist in Kirby

Teeth whitening San Antonio

Kids Dentist in San Antonio

Children’s Dentist in San Antonio

If you’re looking for the best dentist in San Antonio TX, look no further than Kids N More. Dr. Rackham and his staff have lots of experience in children’s dentistry in San Antonio. Having a family friendly environment and using state of the art equipment we make the process as quick and painless as possible.

We recommend, along with the American Dental Association (ADA), establishing a “Dental Home” for your child by the time they reach one year of age.  A “dental home” will provide information on the appropriate preventative and oral health care10243801_xxl recommended based on the age of you child giving them a healthier up-bringing.

You want your child’s first visit to the dentist in Kirby to be enjoyable and positive. If your child is old enough, talk to them about the first visit. Give them comfort in knowing that you have selected a great dentist who has a staff will answer any questions and explain the procedures that they will experience.

We strive to make each and every visit t
o our office a relaxing and fun experience!

Children’s Dentist in San Antonio