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Pediatric dentist in San Antonio

Pediatric Dentist in San Antonio

Fluoride treatments in San Antonio

You hear a lot about fluoride, and with good reason. It serves a vital role when it comes to protecting tooth enamel from the ravages of dental decay and the cavities that are the ultimate result of it. Here at Kids N More Dentist, we want your child to benefit fully from the advantages that fluoride offers. So in addition to other sources, our fluoride treatments are a great way to make certain that your child suffers as few cavities as possible.

Fluoride is a mineral, and one of its qualities is that it strengthens tooth enamel. Depending on where you live, you may very well have fluoride in your water supply. Many toothpastes have it, and so do quality dental rinses. So why should you bring your child in to see our pediatric dentist in San Antonio for fluoride treatments? Dental plaque and tartar, the hardened and crusty form of plaque, have acids that erode his or her tooth enamel. The source of dental plaque is the sugars and starches in the foods and drinks that your child consumes every day. Sure, you can cut back on them, but there will always be dental plaque to contend with. Tooth brushing should be done first thing each morning, last thing each night, and also after meals. Combined with a thorough flossing at bedtime, this strategy regularly removes dental plaque. Tartar results from plaque that stays out of reach or is missed by her or his toothbrush and dental floss. Our pediatric dentist in San Antonio can assure you that fluoride treatments serve as an important added layer of protection. There is no downside, and plenty of upside to having it done.

While it’s on your mind, please contact our office and book an appointment for you and your child to come in and see our pediatric dentist in San Antonio for a fluoride treatment.

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